Astrology finds its genesis in the Latin word astrologia which mean “account of the stars”. This science is based on premise, a belief that a strong correlation exists between cosmic phenomenon and the human world. Many cultures have attached importance to cosmic events and developed systems and methods for predicting celestial observations.
Though skeptics of astrology consider it a pseudoscience, staunch believers cling on to its movements and indicative predictions. Over a period of time, this science has grown and developed several branches, each targeting a particular facet of a person’s personality.
At last count, there were over 80 branches of astrology in usage.

The major types of astrology, though can be classified into:
1. Vedic Astrology    2. Zodiac    3. Numerology    4. Western Astrology

Each astrology has a set of parameters and assumption based on which a definitive indicator of time and events is made. For example, in zodiac all humans are divided in 12 signs based on date of birth. But, practically, not the whole world cannot be divided in zodiac.

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